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Repeal Act 39

Repeal Act 39 website

This began as a class project, which I proposed to VAEH. They liked it and, after the class, I was hired to continue development and implementation. Logo: Primary Logo Repeal Act 39 Stacked Alternate Logo   Ads: See the rest of the ads in my Behance portfolio. Social Media Images See the rest of the post (read more)

Dreamhost Hosting Special!

Dreamhost is who I use for hosting and most of my Domain registrations. They’re great and I love their constant improvements (they recently upgraded to SSDs for their Virtual Private Servers without increasing costs). They have a great special right now for their shared hosting. I used their shared hosting for quite awhile and it (read more)

GIT $home directory using Powershell

So I’ve been trying to get GIT to start in “D:\Google Drive\Grad school\Adv web 2” and for the life of me I couldn’t get it to work. I also wanted to change my $home variable so I can quickly move around. There are some great sites with some answers if you’re using pure Git Bash: (read more)

Thibodeau Masonry

Thibodeau Masonry Site

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Repeal Act 39 campaign mockup

Repeal Act 39 Campaign My client is the campaign to repeal the assisted suicide law (act 39)  in Vermont, which was narrowly passed last year.  It should be noted that the this mockup campaign is for class, and any implemented campaign will involve different photos. These stock photos are for illustration purposes only. For several (read more)

Merry Christmas from UF

For our final Photoshop assignment, we were to make a Christmas card that the University of Florida or some sub-division thereof could send out.  I decided to make it from the whole university. For this project, I found a nice Christmas scene and good picture of Albert and Alberta (our mascots).  I then turned Albert (read more)

New Design for Newegg

This week for Photoshop, we were to (re)design an app for a retail company.  I chose a company I’ve been looking at a lot the last few weeks, Newegg. Also, I just bought a great Black Friday deal from them.  Again, this is for a class and I’m not affiliated with the company. For this design, I (read more)

“Big Data” Ethics

Big Data is changing the shape of business and our personal lives.  Everyday, whether we know it or not someone is doing data analysis on us.  Think about that. Some corporation is doing data analysis on you, possibly hundreds of times a day.  Should we be creeped out? Well of course, and perhaps not. Big (read more)

Prince of Peace

Our major project for Research Methods in Digital Communications was to “select a small business/non-profit/organization with the goal of assisting with their SEO and Google Analytics.”  There were several parts to this project. It included identifying an organization, researching it, preparing a situation analysis & SWOT, a final strategy book, and a class presentation. Situation Analysis/SWOT (read more)