Media Diary: A Closer Look

For further analysis of my Media Diary hour log, I decided to do a word cloud (, after I had standardized phrasing and ensured completeness.

Media Diary Data Word Cloud

I had to laugh when I saw it, as apparently the most important word was PM! Which I didn’t expect, but makes complete sense, as I work mostly from afternoon to night.  The next dominant themes: Research, Educate, Projects, Classwork, Office were also quite appropriate, with Computer, relax, following those closely.  Though relaxing is not something that I do for long periods, it is something that I do frequently, to improve my productivity.  Since I only monitored media use, the thing doesn’t show well is the time I spend with family.  This is because I spend time with the kids by playing or doing something together.  And even though, Michelle and I made the decision that I’d have to sacrifice in that area to better serve the family and to complete my Graduate degree expeditiously, I do spend more than this word cloud suggests.


Another way I analyzed the data is to look for times of extended simultaneous multi-tasking. Though I often do sequential multi-tasking, I don’t often do it simultaneously. And there weren’t actually too many of those groupings in the data, so here they are:





9/13 39m Phone, TV relax/de-focus
9/13 3h 16m Computer, Pandora focus, light work
9/14 40m Computer, Pandora focus, light work
9/15 40m Computer, Phone reconnect
9/16 19m Computer, Pandora focus, light work
9/17 34m Computer, Pandora focus, light work
9/17 1h 17m Phone, TV relax/de-focus
9/19 24m Computer, Youtube Try (and fail) to focus
9/19 1h 15m Laptop, Phone View Site Demos


That’s 9:04 minutes of overlap time over 7 days, or 1:17 per day on average.  Most of which were successful in the purpose they were used for.  The Computer/youtube failure though shows how hot entertainment media can defeat cold work media quite easily.

Work vs School data

When it comes to computer and classwork over that period, I spent the following lengths of time:



grad 63:20:24
admin 2:47:58
work 3 1:58:34
work 1 1:23:07
work 2 1:16:45
family 0:13:43

This comes out to a total of 71 hours, which is longer than the 66.65 I spent just on computer.  That’s because some of my work hours I utilized books and my phone as the primary media.

For example, for graduate work, I spent 2:42 in books, which added to the 66.65 I spent on computers, comes up to 69:29, approaching the total 71 hours of work accounted for using all media.  Anyhow, these numbers mean I spent 89.2% of my work time on classwork, 3.94% on administration and 6.54% on billable hours.


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