Media Diary: Rough Numbers

So my Media Diary data collection week is over.  Over the 7 Days from midnight 9/13 to 11:59pm 9/19 I’ve compiled the following numbers:



computer 66.65
phone 9.99
books 5.10
pandora 4.82
TV 3.96
hybrid 2.05
planting 1.24
movie 1.06
paper 0.47
youtube 0.40
music 0.25

So it’s not surprising to me that I spent 66.65 hours on the computer. That’s consistent with my weeks lately. (I already track that time work/school independently for my own records). Most of that time is taken up with my four graduate classes.  And since I do track that time separately, I’ll bring in my work vs school data in the next post.  I’m sort of surprised that I use my phone almost 10 hours a week… it feels like so much less than that.  I Find it funny that I read as much as I listen to music on Pandora (though Pandora is almost always during computer time to help motivate me for light tasks).  And I’m happy to report that I work with the plants more than I YouTube.Some of these things were simultaneously used, but not “hybrid” use (where I used two things for the same purpose), so some of the hours do overlap. (And I’ll explore that in my next post).

So that’s a snapshot of my past week. No wonder I completely veg on weekends and only work 4-6 hours on those days.


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