Increase your ROI with Social Data


Business for me is about two things, ROI and Family.  I want to increase my ROI so I can spend more time with family, and less time worrying about, well, ROI.  And I imagine that something that you would like to do as well.  One possible technique is to look at social data and see (read more)

Week 6: Mobile to Universal Advertising

A Growth Opportunity Mobile is one of the greatest opportunities for marketing.  Devices will increase from 7 billion in 2013 to 10.2 billion in 2018 (a 46% increase) (Cisco, p. 7). Smartphones (and smartdevices) will increase from 21% to 54% of the mobile device make up (Ibid., p. 8). And while these may seem like (read more)

Week 5: How Google works, Intro to Analytics and 3 Landing page mistakes

How Google search works: Sometimes we feel that Google search works by magic. And to some extent it does, but more like David Copperfield than Merlin.  Perhaps the biggest illusion that people have of Google is that it searches the internet the moment you press search.  But to be able to serve results as (read more)