Mood board for Schwinn Hipster Campaign

For this week’s Photoshop class assignment, I chose to do a mood board for a Schwinn campaign I’d like to see.   Schwinn is a storied bicycling company that has lately been divided into two levels; the discount-walmart styles and the high end styles. And by doing so, it seems that they’ve become less of a respected brand (read more)

Integrated Marketing Campaign-Lowe’s Hello Fall

This week in Photoshop we were discussing Integrated Marketing Campaigns (IMC), and for our assignment we were to make an image in keeping with the IMC style. My brand choice was one that I use regularly and would love to use more, Lowe’s! (Note: this is for class and I am not affiliated with Lowe’s). (read more)

Media Diary: Screens

One things that I realised recently is the “how” of how I multitask. The primary way I handle multiple tasks is to use a digital notepad (Google Keep to be exact). I keep notes, and checklists of items I have to do everything from things I do “Every week” for classes, to planned blog posts, checks (read more)