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Us Women Infographic


infographic on US womenFor my Photoshop class,we were asked to make an infographic from one of two webpages. Either The US Falls Behind Nicaragua, Rwanda, And The Philippines On Women’s Equality or 8 Food Myths You Probably Believe.  I chose the women’s equality article as it had more statistics. This project was for class and I’m not affiliated with the article’s authors.

For this infographic, I searched for data with a common thread, which I could turn into a visual story.  I found a lot of statistics, and I arranged them in an order that would ease the viewer into the hard spots.  I hoped that doing so would convey the lack of female representation in certain sectors.  To get inspiration I searched through http://dailyinfographic.com and found two that stuck out to me: Alcohol and Weight Gain and Autism Spectrum Disorder & Music.

I started by taking the stats that I found, and sketching some thoughts. Next, I created a rough character to use and roughed out the scenes with place holder text/images, etc. Then I searched for photos, and repeated the steps refining along the way.  Towards the end, I tweaked the character to be unique in each scene, added drop shadows and subtle gradients to the headline boxes. The last steps were adding the citations, and my logo/website.



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