Us Women Infographic

infographic on US women

For my Photoshop class,we were asked to make an infographic from one of two webpages. Either The US Falls Behind Nicaragua, Rwanda, And The Philippines On Women’s Equality or 8 Food Myths You Probably Believe.  I chose the women’s equality article as it had more statistics. This project was for class and I’m not affiliated with the article’s authors. For this (read more)

Vermont Right to Life

Vermont Right to Life - Responsive design

Vermont Right to Life had a logo problem, they had a logo they loved, but only one small digital file that when blown up was really blurry. I took their logo turned it into a vector format, increased legibility, and added some subtle touches. Now it can be scaled for any purpose from business cards (read more)

Savour Catering

  Responsive Website Logo Incorporates hand-drawn custom lettering and elements.     Ad

Assisted Suicide Graphic Campaign

Typography Posters

I designed these pieces to play with typography.