Media Diary: First Few days

diaryI’ve been logging my media use since Saturday for my Digital Communications Theory class.

So far I’ve had two revelations:

1.) I have so little time, I barely found time to blog now.

2.) I have so little time this semester, that my traditional Media usage has ch
anged dramatically.

I’ve especially noticed that my entertainment and news use has decreased.  And I actually use my phone less than I think I do, especially since I have to think about logging it!  I’ve noticed that I average about 5 minutes of phone time every few hours. Except in the morning and at night, before I am ready for the day and before I’m ready to sleep.

It’s like my morning news edition and evening news edition. (Which is funny because I actually use yahoo news ap to get two editions of news a day, even though I don’t read that first when I do my news reading.)

google media diary spreadsheet

I’ve been using Google Sheets to keep track of my usage. And these are the things I have to keep track of:

  1. Medium used
  2. Day
  3. time
  4. Time end
  5. length of time
  6. Specific Reasons for use Location Used
  7. Effects of Use
  8. Any surprises, new perceptions, or validations?

At this point, I’ve been pretty good at gathering the data, and not yet had a chance to really analyze it.


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