Media Diary: Multitasking, Education and use changes

One of the topics we’ve been discussing is new media’s impact upon our society and multitasking. This professor is studying how to implement multimedia in the classroom in a new way. It’s quite interesting that the students who used the tablets felt they were learning more, and they were more excited to attend class. It was also interesting to note that there was “no significant difference” in the grades; which as he says “means they were not distracted.” It’d be interesting to see how this integrated multimedia approach pans out. I’m also wondering if we can call it multitasking or not, and if so, if multimedia is necessarily a multitasking event. After watching this, I’m beginning to think that it is a form of single-minded multitasking, as it requires different senses and engagements for similar information simultaneously.

I’ve also noticed that today my media use has been very different than previously. I’ve reviewed my weekly mail fliers, used my smart phone to locate a business, and some other things. When I think about it, these are things that I do more or less weekly, but not usually daily.


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