“Big Data” Ethics

Big Data is changing the shape of business and our personal lives.  Everyday, whether we know it or not someone is doing data analysis on us.  Think about that. Some corporation is doing data analysis on you, possibly hundreds of times a day.  Should we be creeped out? Well of course, and perhaps not. Big (read more)

Aggregation Primer

What is Aggregation? Aggreation is taking various sources and combining them into a useable form. And Aggregation can be used for a variety of purposes.  Some traditional Aggregation type publications are encyclopedias and Readers Digest.  Readers Digest is a great example, because it takes already published articles and places them together in a new binding. (read more)

Your reputation depends upon it

Online reputation is no longer “just” online.  With the proliferation of mobile devices and an increasing use by the general population, online reviews are everywhere your customers are.  And with the increasing reliance on online reviews by consumers, to gauge which companies to do business with, your company needs a plan. Lets look quickly at (read more)

Crowdsourcing and you

An independent project raises 5,549% of it’s goal, $1000 dollar stock photos are now going for $1, businesses are spending $25,000 for R&D instead of “several times that amount”, and most articles on businesses in Wikipedia have some inaccuracy in them. These are just some examples of how crowdsourcing is changing the face of our (read more)

Week 4: SEO Basics: Be the Lone Ranger.

Lone Ranger and SIlver

We’ll get to SEO in a sec, but lets talk about hats. There are white hats and black hats, and of course grey and tan hats.  Tan and grey hats can’t make up their mind to be black or white hats, so lets just stick to the important ones. White and Black. White hats: Bold (read more)