Your reputation depends upon it

Online reputation is no longer “just” online.  With the proliferation of mobile devices and an increasing use by the general population, online reviews are everywhere your customers are.  And with the increasing reliance on online reviews by consumers, to gauge which companies to do business with, your company needs a plan. Lets look quickly at (read more)

Week 5: How Google works, Intro to Analytics and 3 Landing page mistakes

How Google search works: Sometimes we feel that Google search works by magic. And to some extent it does, but more like David Copperfield than Merlin.  Perhaps the biggest illusion that people have of Google is that it searches the internet the moment you press search.  But to be able to serve results as (read more)

Week 4: SEO Basics: Be the Lone Ranger.

Lone Ranger and SIlver

We’ll get to SEO in a sec, but lets talk about hats. There are white hats and black hats, and of course grey and tan hats.  Tan and grey hats can’t make up their mind to be black or white hats, so lets just stick to the important ones. White and Black. White hats: Bold (read more)