The New E Logo

My Logo has been evolving for the past year, and I thought I’d show the progression and some of the process that brought me to my New logo.   The evolution: It all started as a Brand Identity Class Project, that lead me to three logos. Of which I chose:   From there, I incorporated (read more)


For my Photoshop class this week we were asked to create a logo for a non-profit, “deal[ing] in green initiatives in Los Angeles” and which seeks to “aquir[e] local business partners [and] overall awareness of green intiatives.” I decided to focus on one of the greatest environmental threats to L.A.: water. I thus created a (read more)

Personal Brand: The New E

New E identity idea

For my Brand Identity class, Project one was to provide three distinct logos for a company. The company that I chose was my personal business, which I’m moving from to (currently redirects to I had no logo for my new brand, though I did use my name logo on my invoices. The inspiration for my logo designs (read more)

Vermont Right to Life

Vermont Right to Life - Responsive design

Vermont Right to Life had a logo problem, they had a logo they loved, but only one small digital file that when blown up was really blurry. I took their logo turned it into a vector format, increased legibility, and added some subtle touches. Now it can be scaled for any purpose from business cards (read more)


  Desktop View   Tablet View Mobile View   I manipulated the Convivio logo to take up less space, appear more dynamic and eliminate the need for an alternate.I also added a second color and added opposing color borders to better offset from any background.   Original logo Original Alternate logo New “Combined” Logo

Savour Catering

  Responsive Website Logo Incorporates hand-drawn custom lettering and elements.     Ad

Christ the King – St. Anthony Parish

  Desktop View Tablet View   Mobile View Logo Incorporates custom lettering, and hand drawn elements.

True Dignity VT

  Social Media: Facebook Twitter YouTube   Website:   Logo: