Increase your ROI with Social Data


Business for me is about two things, ROI and Family.  I want to increase my ROI so I can spend more time with family, and less time worrying about, well, ROI.  And I imagine that something that you would like to do as well.  One possible technique is to look at social data and see (read more)

Usability testing

It’s critical to determine if your website or app does, in fact, make sense to your customers. Which is why usability testing is a critical design check prior to “going live”.  However, usability testing can be used in any phase of the design process to ensure that the product is on track. In the initial (read more)

Tracking Eyes

Eye tracking can do many things, from helping you to determine how effective your sale banner is, how effective your content style is, and how much an expert someone is. Let us look at some uses, key findings and examples of eye tracking research. One of the key uses for eye tracking has been to (read more)