“Big Data” Ethics

Big Data is changing the shape of business and our personal lives.  Everyday, whether we know it or not someone is doing data analysis on us.  Think about that. Some corporation is doing data analysis on you, possibly hundreds of times a day.  Should we be creeped out? Well of course, and perhaps not. Big (read more)

Prince of Peace

Our major project for Research Methods in Digital Communications was to “select a small business/non-profit/organization with the goal of assisting with their SEO and Google Analytics.”  There were several parts to this project. It included identifying an organization, researching it, preparing a situation analysis & SWOT, a final strategy book, and a class presentation. Situation Analysis/SWOT (read more)

Aggregation Primer

What is Aggregation? Aggreation is taking various sources and combining them into a useable form. And Aggregation can be used for a variety of purposes.  Some traditional Aggregation type publications are encyclopedias and Readers Digest.  Readers Digest is a great example, because it takes already published articles and places them together in a new binding. (read more)

Your reputation depends upon it

Online reputation is no longer “just” online.  With the proliferation of mobile devices and an increasing use by the general population, online reviews are everywhere your customers are.  And with the increasing reliance on online reviews by consumers, to gauge which companies to do business with, your company needs a plan. Lets look quickly at (read more)

Are your messages hitting their target?

How do you know if your message is getting out there? And how well do you prepare your message for your audience? These are important questions for any marketing endeavor, be it advertising for brand awareness, website flow for conversions or any other method you use to attract sales. Preparing your message Let’s first discuss (read more)

Increase your ROI with Social Data


Business for me is about two things, ROI and Family.  I want to increase my ROI so I can spend more time with family, and less time worrying about, well, ROI.  And I imagine that something that you would like to do as well.  One possible technique is to look at social data and see (read more)

Usability testing

It’s critical to determine if your website or app does, in fact, make sense to your customers. Which is why usability testing is a critical design check prior to “going live”.  However, usability testing can be used in any phase of the design process to ensure that the product is on track. In the initial (read more)

Tracking Eyes

Eye tracking can do many things, from helping you to determine how effective your sale banner is, how effective your content style is, and how much an expert someone is. Let us look at some uses, key findings and examples of eye tracking research. One of the key uses for eye tracking has been to (read more)

Crowdsourcing and you

An independent project raises 5,549% of it’s goal, $1000 dollar stock photos are now going for $1, businesses are spending $25,000 for R&D instead of “several times that amount”, and most articles on businesses in Wikipedia have some inaccuracy in them. These are just some examples of how crowdsourcing is changing the face of our (read more)

Week 6: Mobile to Universal Advertising

A Growth Opportunity Mobile is one of the greatest opportunities for marketing.  Devices will increase from 7 billion in 2013 to 10.2 billion in 2018 (a 46% increase) (Cisco, p. 7). Smartphones (and smartdevices) will increase from 21% to 54% of the mobile device make up (Ibid., p. 8). And while these may seem like (read more)