Media Diary: Summary and Analysis

I’ve gone from observations during the week, to crunching numbers, and now it’s time for summary and analysis. The primary nature of my media use during the week, was on the computer ( 66.65 hours) and for class (63:20 hours).  Compared to most months in my life, these last few have been odd. But this year I’m (read more)

Media Diary: A Closer Look

For further analysis of my Media Diary hour log, I decided to do a word cloud (, after I had standardized phrasing and ensured completeness. I had to laugh when I saw it, as apparently the most important word was PM! Which I didn’t expect, but makes complete sense, as I work mostly from afternoon (read more)

Media Diary: Rough Numbers

So my Media Diary data collection week is over.  Over the 7 Days from midnight 9/13 to 11:59pm 9/19 I’ve compiled the following numbers: media hours computer 66.65 phone 9.99 books 5.10 pandora 4.82 TV 3.96 hybrid 2.05 planting 1.24 movie 1.06 paper 0.47 youtube 0.40 music 0.25 So it’s not surprising to me that (read more)

Media Diary: Screens

One things that I realised recently is the “how” of how I multitask. The primary way I handle multiple tasks is to use a digital notepad (Google Keep to be exact). I keep notes, and checklists of items I have to do everything from things I do “Every week” for classes, to planned blog posts, checks (read more)

Media Diary: Multitasking, Education and use changes

One of the topics we’ve been discussing is new media’s impact upon our society and multitasking. This professor is studying how to implement multimedia in the classroom in a new way. It’s quite interesting that the students who used the tablets felt they were learning more, and they were more excited to attend class. It (read more)

Media Diary: First Few days

I’ve been logging my media use since Saturday for my Digital Communications Theory class. So far I’ve had two revelations: 1.) I have so little time, I barely found time to blog now. 2.) I have so little time this semester, that my traditional Media usage has ch anged dramatically. I’ve especially noticed that my entertainment (read more)